What are SARMs and why you should use them

Perhaps, even people far from bodybuilding and sports in general have heard about steroids and side effects from their administration. However, few people know that today theĀ Pharma Grade Product ranges are very effective and can offer an alternative to these drugs, we are talking about CARMs (SARM). These modulators can significantly increase the anabolic activity in the athlete’s body, as well as compensate for side effects from taking steroids. In our article, we will try to explain as much as possible and clearly what SARM is, how to use them in bodybuilding, and whether it should be done at all. To begin with, we will provide general information, and at the end of the article – a list of benefits so that you can independently make a conclusion about the effectiveness of such drugs. Let’s start with the theory.

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Operating principle

The term CARM (SARM) stands for “selective modulator of androgen receptors.” In simple words, this means that this substance mimics the effect of sex hormones, including those that provide anabolic effects (testosterone). New amino acid bonds form in the cells, and muscle tissue begins to grow.

More precisely, selective modulators bind to androgen receptors in the nucleus and, … Read More