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What are SARMs and why you should use them

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Perhaps, even people far from bodybuilding and sports in general have heard about steroids and side effects from their administration. However, few people know that today the Pharma Grade Product ranges are very effective and can offer an alternative to these drugs, we are talking about CARMs (SARM). These modulators can significantly increase the anabolic activity in the athlete’s body, as well as compensate for side effects from taking steroids. In our article, we will try to explain as much as possible and clearly what SARM is, how to use them in bodybuilding, and whether it should be done at all. To begin with, we will provide general information, and at the end of the article – a list of benefits so that you can independently make a conclusion about the effectiveness of such drugs. Let’s start with the theory.

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Operating principle

The term CARM (SARM) stands for “selective modulator of androgen receptors.” In simple words, this means that this substance mimics the effect of sex hormones, including those that provide anabolic effects (testosterone). New amino acid bonds form in the cells, and muscle tissue begins to grow.

More precisely, selective modulators bind to androgen receptors in the nucleus and, imitating the natural effect of hormones, activate certain genes responsible for protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy, as well as for the regeneration of connective and bone tissue. In fact, the effect of CARM (SARM) is the ability to create an “artificial” signal to trigger anabolic processes, which for the human body will not differ from the “natural” one. Muscle growth is activated at the gene level.

The principle of action of the selective modulator is similar to the effect of taking anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS), with one small but very significant difference: CAPMs selectively affect cells and tissues. Gene activation occurs only in muscle and bone tissues, while synthetic steroids affect other parts of the body, for example, the testes and prostate. Local activation of anabolic processes is not the only advantage of CARMs; taking drugs based on selective modulators has a minimum of side effects. They provide a gentle and selective effect on androgen receptors, unlike steroids, are not converted to estrogens, are not methylated, and therefore are not toxic to the liver. Another plus: SARM is taken orally, which makes them a convenient and very popular way to gain weight.


Increasingly, SARMs are used in bodybuilding as a replacement for anabolic steroids – to gain weight or to preserve results during the recovery course. Professional athletes respond positively to the effectiveness of drugs based on them. SARM course provides:

  • noticeable muscle growth;
  • protection against catabolism during the drying period or during weight loss;
  • recovery from sports injuries;
  • saving the result of training using steroids during a break (“bridge”);
  • mild enhancement of the effect of taking AAS;

restoration of the function of the gonads and normalization of the androgen receptors during PCT (post-cycle therapy).

Today, CAPM-based drugs are actively used both as an adequate replacement for anabolic steroids, and for combination with them.

How to use

Use SARM to achieve any goals in the shortest possible time and without consequences, be it: gaining weight, losing weight, increasing speed-strength characteristics, endurance and other sports indicators.

As a rule, the cycle of taking CARMs lasts for about 12-16 weeks with interruptions – depending on what goals you pursue, what dosage you follow and what drug you use. The most famous and popular are: Stenabolic (SR9009), Ostarine or Ostabolic (MK-2866), Anabolicum (LGD-4033), Testolone (RAD-140).

We recommend that you get preliminary consultation from the experts of our specialized online store, since the correct combination of several SARMs will allow you to achieve maximum performance.

It is important to remember one aspect: if the course lasted no more than 4 weeks, and you took only one CAPM, then post-cycle therapy is not required. With combination and dividing, PCT using clomiphene citrate (an estrogen receptor modulator) is recommended. On this issue, it is better to consult with a specialized specialist.


At the end of our article, we list the main advantages of CARM (SARM):

  • noticeable anabolic effect even in small doses and with a short course of administration;
  • helps to build mass, forms lean muscles;
  • improves the condition of ligaments and joints;
  • increases strength and stamina;
  • It does not inhibit the production of testosterone by the body;
  • selective modulating effect;
  • minimum side effects and high bioavailability;
  • no need to inject.